While Buying Sunglasses, How to Ensure Good Eye Health

The ignorance of the risks that the low quality of sunglasses implies is not wise. The abusive prices of these in some opticians have led to an increase in the consumption of cheap and low-quality sunglasses. Rather than wearing bad sunglasses, it is preferable not to wear

There are several risks to your eyes due to the use of low-quality sunglasses, although, in the short term, team do not appreciate them, they can become serious for your health. To avoid these risks and take care of one of the senses most valued

  1. Good protection: It is best to choose a glass of good optical quality that stops the passage of UV rays. You must pay attention to the fact that they are inscribed with the letters CE and the level of protection from 0 to 4. You can buy 100 uv protection glasses.There are two types of filter glasses: mineral (they scratch little but are sensitive to impacts) and organic (light and resistant to the hits).

Both can receive treatments, such as anti-glare, photochromic (the glass darkens with light), color, or mirroring. Right sunglasses should have a filter that absorbs at least 75% of visible light and blocks all ultraviolet light. You can get the safe and best cheap sunglasses online.

  1. At any age: sunglasses should be a protection tool from an early age to old age. The objective is to prevent disorders such as conjunctivitis. Also, older people, faced with certain types and spectra of light, may suffer “damage to the lens and this favors, for example, the appearance of cataracts.
  2. Color of the lens: although it seems that it fulfills a solely aesthetic function, few know that the lens’s color also has a practical purpose. For example, darker brown lenses are recommended for myopic people.
  3. All year round: you usually use them more frequently in summer due to exposure to the sun either on the beach or on a terrace having a drink. The sunglasses should be used throughout the year because you are exposed to the sun, with greater or lesser intensity always.
  4. Responsibility in use: you must be responsible with sunglasses and always protect them with a cover so that they do not spoil and stop fulfilling their protective function. Therefore, when you go to the beach or leave them on the table, you must be careful not to scratch the glass with sand or rough surfaces.

In the top blankets or stores that sell low-quality glasses, in addition to not meeting the requirements for protection in the lenses, they are not usually accompanied by a rigid case that protects the glasses adequately. It is also advisable not to leave them in the sun for too long as both lenses and frames can deform, affecting vision.

  1. The frame: especially in summer, it is recommended that it be a light frame that neither tightens nor weighs to avoid marks on the nose due to pressure or scratches caused by sweat.
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