What kind of sunglasses can you wear with uniform?

What kind of sunglasses can you wear in uniform?

Are you obsessed with oversized lenses, partial to classic aviator shades, or confused about what kind of sunglasses to wear? Click on any style of sunglasses below to find out more about your particular type before buying something attractive. From square retro styles to cat-eyes, from forehead lines to sports, it is a fully covered article.


The large Aviator sunglasses are designed to block the sun from all angles (which is why pilots have worn them in the past) and look great on all Mavericks today.

Blow line

Do blowing sunglasses have a thick top frame across the forehead? And a very thin edge around the lower half of the lens. Colonel Sanders was an early fan of the eyebrow line, and today’s celebrities continue the tradition of retro inspiration with eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Retro square

Not sure which style to choose? With its box-shaped shape and ultra-thick frame, you can’t make a mistake with the classic retro box-shaped look. Available in a variety of prints and colors for men and women, this is an option for all face shapes and sizes.


It is always thought of as the iconic style. The lens is still round, but the frame is made of metal or plastic, small or large, thin, or thick. Put on these pairs of frames and go to the beat of the music.


For adventure seekers, sports sunglasses feature thin, sleek lenses that taper in the temple (as you know, they can work harder, better, faster, and harder). Many come with special polarized lenses designed to fight glare and improve visibility.

cat’s eyes

Cateye sunglasses, categorized by high angle and retro frame, became famous in the 1950s by stars such as Marilyn and Audrey. The feminine atmosphere and cat prints will make retro lovers crazy about this style … meow.


Similar to the retro square shape, but square tone lenses can be categorized as square or rectangular, but they have an updated feel. Style options range from sporty to modern, and this frame shape is one of the most versatile.

Keyhole bridge

The keyhole bridge adds a subtle vintage feel to any pair of sunglasses. The name of the keyhole bridge comes from the fact that the opening of the bridge looks like this … as you can imagine, it’s a keyhole. This type of bridge is excellent for people who have a low nose bridge and need to fix the curtain in place, but it looks great for everyone.

Brow bar

Sunglasses with a bar on the forehead are becoming popular. Adding a second eyebrow bar that slides along the eyebrow bone will add a fun addition to any look. This trend results from the eyebrow bars found on most aviator frames, but frames in this category differ in shape, size, and material.

Conclusion: hope you like this article as it will help you in learning more about these sunglasses which you can wear on your uniform.

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