Top Men’s Designer Sunglasses You Need To Have

There are various types of mens fashion sunglasses, depending on the type of glass, frame, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to understand the benefits before buying sunglasses altogether. You want to know that the most common sunglasses types, analyze the most common sunglasses in the store based on the characteristics of the lens.

Which type of sunglasses is right for you?

Glasses with polarized lenses: These glasses incorporate anti-reflective glass to prevent glare in the strong sunlight. They are handy for driving as they prevent the sun’s reflections, depriving our vision of creating dangerous situations.

Sunglasses with mirror surface glass: Recommended for places with high sunlight such as high mountains. They are based on the mirror effect, which causes light to bounce off the surface and out of direct sight.

Glass with photo chromic glass: This type of mens shades glass is coloured with different colours that act as a filter depending on the amount of light. If the exposure to light is more substantial, the glass will be darker. Conversely, when the glass drops, it becomes transparent.

Solar Crystal Filter Category

Regarding protection, different lenses rely on the light absorption they provide. Five different types of protection schemes, typically categories 0-4, are used.

In Category 0, glass with a transparent lens can absorb up to 19% of light. Another extreme element is the Factor 4 lens, suitable for activities such as alpine and skiing. This is recommended in situations where the radiation is extreme, and superior protection is needed.

Polarized lens

When the sun’s rays reach the flat, polished surface of your environment, they are often reflected towards your eyes, dazzling you and seeing moments of the puddle, snow, sea, etc. 

Mirror lens

The surface of this lens reflects sunlight and creates a mirror effect. The lens’s mirror layer reflects light to the eye, making it ideal for long exposures to intense sunlight. It is recommended for going to the sea in the summer, snowing in the winter, and extreme sports such as mountaineering, skiing, and sailing.

Anti-reflection inside

This treatment can be applied to all types of lenses; it attenuates unwanted side reflections that affect the lenses of glasses, providing a more comfortable view and preventing glare

Photo chromic sunglasses

These lens configurations have photo chromic molecules that can be tinted according to the amount of sunlight received at a given time, providing continuous eye protection under all lighting conditions. Therefore, when the light intensity is higher, the crystals will be darker, but the crystals will return to their most transparent state when in low light conditions.

There is an infinite variety of lenses and frames that differ in thickness, colour, and size: knowing precise criteria to make the most suitable choice can be extremely useful.

Sunglasses affect your look as much as a dress or a bag. But not only: their importance extends to eye protection and to improving performance in some activities and individual sports.

You can choose the right sunglasses based on the shape of your face.

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