The best sunglasses styles for men

best sunglasses styles for men

It may not be easy to find the best model for men, but we can help you. In this article, we have
separated the best models of cool sunglasses for men. Probably one of these models has already
become your favorite. So, carefully read the article and understand better.

Models and brands of sunglasses for men

From casual to more extroverted, there are several sunglasses for men and all tastes. We put the most
traditional to the most daring for you to choose the most pleases you. But first of all, you first need to
understand what your ideal face shape is. Otherwise, it may not look as cold as you expect.

  • Round face – This type of face has almost the same width and height.
  • Square face – The width of the forehead and jaw are the same.
  • Triangular face – The angular face has the broadest forehead and the narrowest chin.
  • Oval face – The sides taper until they reach the chin, being a little wider on the forehead.

Favorite sunglasses models among men

The most popular models among men are the wayfarer, aviator, clubmaster, round, and sporty.

Wayfarer – It is a classic that never goes out of style. This model of sunglasses is suitable for men who
have a round face. And when using more square frames, they end up leaving the face with a thinner
appearance. Several renowned Hollywood actors wear wayfarer sunglasses, one of the most traditional
men’s sunglasses models.

Aviator – If we’re talking about the low prices of men’s designer sunglasses, we need to talk about
aviator sunglasses. Yes, it is indispensable and preferred by many men, globally. It was created in 1937
in the middle of World War II. Initially, the lenses were green, but today it is possible to find different
colors and styles that refer to this classic. These models are more suitable for men who have a heart

Clubmaster – Another classic that has been immortalized is the Clubmaster glasses model. This model
caught the taste of the male audience. It even appeared in the 50s, but its popularity is still increasing.
This style has long been known as "browline." That’s because its top is thicker, while the rim around the
lens is thinner. It is also best suited for square and triangular faces, but nothing prevents you from
adopting a Clubmaster.

Round – It is more suitable for oval face, but the good news is that it goes with almost all types of faces.
John Lennon used to wear the round glasses model in different colors. Round glasses are men's favorite
when we talk about classic with personality. The traditional model is the Ray-ban brand, but it is also
possible to find several brands that have this shape of glasses.

Sporty – Sports glasses are just for that type of man, who is always doing the physical activity: especially
outdoors. This model of sunglasses protects the entire field of vision. That’s because it decreases the
chance of falling and protects your eyes from any dust or objects that may reach your eyes.

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