Sunglasses Guide: Prescription and Designer

There is no doubt that sunglasses owe an extraordinary place in our accessories. It is a piece that we do not choose hastily and that we do not acquire without a certain number of fittings. Next to that, sunglasses usually come with a slew of clues and information that are not always very clear. How do you navigate the different types of glasses? What material to choose for the frame? Which style to turn to? What are the best brands? Here in this article, we are going to answer a few questions that you are interested in:

Which glasses to choose?

It is sometimes difficult to find your way among all the indications. However, when choosing your glasses, it is absolutely necessary to check that they comply with the standard and that they have a protection index located from 0 to 4.

Category 3 protection lenses are advised for the beach, skiing and summer as they are uv protective glasses with protection index of 100%, and there is enough contrast to drive with, which is not the case with protection 4 used in the mountains. The degraded lenses, protective 2, are more comfortable and allow a pleasant reading.

How to choose the color of glasses?

Each color has its effect. Tinted glasses have different effects depending on the color chosen:

  • Gray:  Restores a natural vision of colors in any sunny situation,
  • Brown: Increases contrasts and reduces glare. May create visual discomfort due to darkening,
  • Yellow: Will significantly improve the perception of contrasts when the light is low (fog, forest),
  • Green: Protects against glare in all conditions,
  • Pink, red, blue, or two-tone: These fancy colors will only bring an exotic touch to your vision but should not be considered as serious protection against the sun. The contrasts are very limited: we see everything less well, and they can damage the view if the sun is strong.

Does the width of the frame affect the protection?

Fans of oversized brand sunglasses are not necessarily better protected. The shape and width of the frame have a minimal influence on sun protection. It is certainly preferable that the frame cover a maximum of the ophthalmological surface, but in a region overexposed to the sun, only the quality of manufacture and protection of the lenses is important.

What style of glasses to choose?

In general, we often advise you to refer to the face’s shape to choose a pair of glasses. The shape of brand sunglasses and your face should reverse to each other to achieve good harmony. For example, if you have a round face, opt for a slim, rectangular pair instead. On the contrary, if your face is very square, orient yourself towards round or oval shapes.

If you have an oval or rectangular face, you are rather lucky: all shapes of sunglasses can suit you. Of course, if a pair fits you without following this rule, then don’t stop taking it. On the contrary, if you can’t determine the shape of your face – which is very often the case – don’t despair either: feeling plays a big part in choosing a pair of glasses, too.

The best advice we can give you is to try, try, and try again to find out what works for you! 

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