Sunglasses buying guide for ladies

Besides the aesthetic concern of women’s sunglasses, we also face the following question: which of the available models looks good on my face type? In this article, we have separated the most sought-after models and which ones are the most suitable for your face shape. More than choosing your sunglasses, you need to understand your face type.

Just take a picture of yours. Face the camera without any facial expression and click a closer image: a three × four photo. See whether your facial type belongs to any of these: round face, square face, triangular face, an oval face, and a diamond face. Depending on this, you must buy ladies designer sunglasses online. Now, see which type of sunglasses suits you the best. Remember, for a woman, looks and style matter the most.

Kitten Glasses: for glamorous ladies

How to talk about women’s sunglasses without starting with the favorite among women? The kitten glasses: one of the most adopted models by several great Hollywood actresses. Glamour is the most significant reference when it comes to kitten glasses. It is the most notable success to date, especially in sunglasses. This model is ideal for triangular faces: giving a more excellent balance to the front. Finding a kitten glasses model is quite easy.

Rectangular Glasses: for bold style

Rectangular glasses are usually more suitable for the oval face. It is one of the most sought after options when it comes to women’s sunglasses. The linear details of this model of glasses make a face look more angular. A new trend that is happening with everything in the market is the transparent frames. Best of all, most of these frames are in rectangular models. You can find stylish sunglasses for women online at affordable prices. In addition to several color options for eyeglass frames, you can also choose which lens you want for your glasses.

Aviator glasses: for women with confidence

Pioneers, in this model, the Ray-ban brand, offers not only the most traditional model but also in several colors of the most modern lenses and frames. Other brands have also been inspired and reinvented the aviator sunglasses model. One of the favorite models among women, the aviator glasses, is more suitable for the types of square and oval faces. Anyway, it’s always good to try before you buy.

Wayfarer glasses: for retro lovers

It is another classic and very dear to all. Wayfarer glasses were created in the 1950s. The model was inspired by cars of the time, such as the Cadillac and Chevrolet Bell Air. At the time, these cars were famous for their “fishtail” detail. The Wayfarer model looks excellent for the round, oval, and even square faces. It is one of the most versatile models that fit almost any type of face. The traditional model belongs to the Ray-ban brand, but you can also find it in other brands. You will find models in several colored and mirrored lenses, leaving you unique and original.

Now, do you know which style suits your face type perfectly? This guide was created to help you choose the best designer sunglasses for women.

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