Reasons for You to Choose Designer Sunglasses

As you know, protecting your eyes is as necessary as taking care of your skin and the rest of your body. Therefore, your lenses have to meet specific requirements if you want them to serve you for that function. Because below, they are going to explain everything you have to take into consideration.

UV protection – a priority

That is why you recommend that they ensure that the product complies with other regulations and is labelled UV400. To heal yourself, always try to buy your glasses at a specialized optician.

Don’t confuse UV protection with light filter. They are going to talking to you about the latter in the next section.

How to choose sunglasses and their filter category

Now, it is time to choose the category of your glasses in terms of light filter. There are five classifications, ranging from 0 to 4. Category 0 is the one that filters the least light, and 4 is the one that corresponds to the darkest crystals. 

For example, if they are for daily use, it is recommended for choosing category 2 or 3 lenses. However, if you are going to do mountaineering with them, you may need to go to category 4. Of course, keep in mind that driving is not allowed with the latter. Therefore, if you buy the darkest glasses, it is possible that you need others of a lower category for the day. New sunglasses are perfect for your use.

Photo chromic lenses, mirrored or polarized lenses

You may hesitate between polarized or photo chromic lenses or between mirrored or polarized sunglasses. What you are going to do is explain what each of these options consists of and know how to choose sunglasses.

Polarized glasses

Remember when you drive or walk in front of the sea and the sun reflects off the water, causing a rather annoying effect. What polarized sunglasses do is prevent this reflected light from reaching you but letting useful light pass through. For this reason, for practical purposes, you have the feeling that the sun reflects less, obtaining better visibility.

Photo chromic lenses

Buy of online spectacles depends on exposure to light. This means that they will be light in the shade and dark in the sun.

You already know what each type consists of, but which sunglasses lenses to choose? If you are exposed to intense light, they recommend that you consider polarized or mirrored glasses.

A wide range of colours – which sunglasses to choose?

Contrary to what you may believe, the lenses’ colour does not only have an aesthetic role. For example, gray or green glass is suitable for driving because it does not alter colours. This means that with them, you will see the traffic signs without distortions.

On the other hand, yellow and orange allow you to see well at long distances but are not suitable for bright light. Therefore, it is a recommended option for night driving if they are category 0-1.

Likewise, you must also consider the shade of the crystals if you have any vision problems. For example, the colour brown works very well for people who have myopia or cataracts. On the contrary, if you have hyperopic, green glasses will suit you better.

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