Our Top 5 Trending Sunglasses for the Summer

Ultra-modern, timeless, or resolutely vintage, trendy solar shapes play the card of temporality. Kitsch and cool immersion in the sixties with XXL square frames, a retro-futuristic spirit with new generation cat-eye sunglasses, or a rectangular shape right in the air. All that’s left to do is adopt your favorite summer 2020 shape.

There are some basic rules about choosing a frame according to the face’s shape, but please trust yourself too and don’t shy away from your pleasure! If a sunglass is catching your eye, why not give it a go and dare ?!

Unless there is a technical problem (too narrow frame which tightens your temples or too large which constantly slides over your nose, for example)

A stronger investment which requires a little more precaution or supervision (designer frames, glasses prescription) take the time to try ALL styles that appeal to you and have fun.

 As soon as the sun comes out, we start thinking about sunglasses. Whether driving a car, walking the city streets, or lazing on the beach, they are essential and handy. Besides a fashion accessory, it is also an important tool that helps protect the eyes from external light rays.

 This is why it is essential to choose an efficient and quality pair of glasses.

It is not always easy to select trendy sunglasses for the summer at an optician, in a store, or on an online sales site. So, before you rush off, think about the various criteria they must meet to satisfy you.

 The lenses’ color is even more varied: black, brown, blue, yellow, solid, or gradient. The branches can be more or less thin, simple, or with inscriptions on them, often the brand’s name elsewhere. Finally, there is the general style of glasses: sporty to go hiking or jogging, elegant for a chic day, relaxed for an afternoon at the beach, or all-purpose to face all situations! You can buy the cheapest glasses online.

Sunglasses with tinted smoked lenses 

Exit black opaque glasses. 

Opt without batting an eyelid for smoked glasses, whether they are bluish, orange, rosé, green or yellow. Seen on XXL rectangular models at Peter and May as well as on futuristic frames at Charles & Keith, they can be worn with everything and everywhere.

The cat-eye sunglasses

In the spirit of the 50s, sunglasses with a cat-eye shape (understand: cat’s eye) are once again on the tip of our nose and bring a retro touch that is not to displease us.

Round sunglasses

Symbols of the 60s this time, round brand sunglasses have been making a name for themselves for a few years. This season, his glasses are smaller, with a discreet frame.

XXL sunglasses 

Bigger, bulkier sunglasses continue to gain momentum. For example, note a certain trend towards sunglasses with rounded rectangular shapes, sometimes covering a good part of the face.

Sunglasses with marbled frames 

Despite their vintage origins, marbled frames are operating a remarkable revival. Oscillating between orange and brown.

Oval: the majority of models are suitable for an oval face.

Round / Square: More angular models sway round faces, and more rounded styles soften a more pronounced jawline.

Heart (wider forehead, narrower chin): glasses that are longer than they are wide are recommended

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