Learn to tell the quality of the sunglasses?

Most of us don’t spend the day without sunglasses, but do you even know if they perform the tasks they designed? Sunglasses are the most effective protection against UV (ultraviolet) light, but many people aren’t even sure that their favorite sunglasses have adequate UV protection against the sun’s rays. Testing sunglasses for the indicated UV protection is by no means a bad idea, as prolonged exposure to unprotected UV rays can have very serious consequences for the eyes.

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There are two ways to test sunglasses for UV protection. The first is to visit a local optician to see if you can try on the lens. The second is to test yourself at home with a UV flashlight.

Both require a little more work on your part, but to guide you through the process as efficiently as possible, you will outline the steps below.

How optics measure UV protection

Optics have many great tools at your disposal, and you should be able to easily check the UV protection of your Polarized sunglasses. What they use is called a spectrometer or lensmeter, and UV protection tests can be performed in just a few seconds. Even better, most opticians do this for free! Otherwise, you may want to shop while looking for a new optician.

Test UV protection for sunglasses at home

1.) UV flashlights can be used to illuminate paper money or credit cards with light rays to reveal built-in security features. These security features light up and appear to glow when exposed to UV light.

2.) If the safety feature disappears, your sunglasses are 100% UV protected.

If the safety features are still visible, your sunglasses do not have proper UV protection. This is strange, even in the cheaper example, but it can still happen.

Determine the result

You can also use a UV flashlight to detect the light passing through the lens, which is perfectly normal. Flashlights emit not only invisible UV light, but also visible light.

This light passes through the lens and illuminates the paper money and credit cards used for testing. Be sure to recognize the difference between direct UV light and the case where UV light is blocked, and visible light is incident. Polarized sunglasses help protect your eyes from dazzling glare, but they do not always provide the best protection against harmful UV rays.

Remember that if visible light cannot pass through the lens, you cannot see anything.

Wear sunglasses without UV protection

Believe it or not, wearing sunglasses without UV protection is worse than not wearing sunglasses. When you wear sunglasses, the dark shades naturally expand your eyes and let in more visible light. If your sunglasses have little or no UV protection, your eyes will expand and allow more UV light to enter.

In fact, in this case, regular clear lens glass with 100% UV protection protects you better than sunglasses without UV protection. It is recommended that you do not wear sunglasses without full UV protection, also known as UV400 protection.

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