Irregular sunglasses for Women

Irregular sunglasses

Planning to shop for fashion sunglasses But the obscurity of the lens has little to do with shielding the eyes from the rays of the sun. Look for pairs of sunglasses that say they specifically absorb 100 percent of harmful UVB and UVA rays.

  • Polarized lenses are the ideal lenses for those participating in sport and long distance running. Polarized sunglasses help minimise the reflective glare of the sun off horizontal surfaces including oceans , lakes and snow covered surfaces.
  • Mirrored sunglasses are known by their lenses’ silvery-reflective appearance, and are worn in conditions where bright light and extreme heat are common. Mirrored lenses also minimise the impact of the radiation in infrared.
  • The photochromic lenses are sensitive to light. If the wearer of photochromic lenses moves into direct sunlight, in reaction to ultraviolet sun rays, the lenses darken.

Find the right fit

But while it’s nice to buy sunglasses online, you’ll have to try them on on your face to see if you’re working perfectly. The trick is:

You need a smaller frame so you can fit your two fingers between the glass arm and your forehead. The best pair of sunglasses will fit stiffly across your nose bridge.

Choose your shape

HEART FACE SHAPE: You are a heart-shaped beauty, if you have a narrow chin and a wide forehead. Choose round eyeglasses and sunglasses which have the appearance of a cat ‘s eye.

OBLONG FACE SHAPE: Over-sized frames and wrap models fit perfect on plus size beauties with a long face and narrow cheeks and jaw. Unleash your inner Jackie O with large frames which beautifully flatter your face.

OVAL FACE SHAPE: If you’ve got the perfectly balanced chin, cheekbones and forehead you’ve won the lottery for eyeglasses! From angular to square you can wear shades of any type. Recall picking a pair of shades that will match your skin tone too! Shop for the best cheap sunglasses by following simple tips and tricks. 

ROUND FACE SHAPE: The best sunglasses for your face shape are wide and rectangular, with a narrow forehead and high cheekbones. Steer clear of coloured lenses and circular frames that would exaggerate the face form to its fullness.

Do’s and don’ts of fashion sunglasses

Do not buy sunglasses from street vendors and illegal vendors to ensure your sunglasses are approved by the FDA and provide maximum UVB safety levels.

If you are worried about the adequacy of your sunlasses to shield your eyes from the sun, your optometrist will check the consistency of your lenses and their UV power. Avoid putting sunglasses on top of your head to keep them in place.

Your child’s eyes are not resistant to UV rays that harm them. Choose sunglasses which have full UVA and UVB protection for your children.

Know when you buy sunglasses — the opposites attract. The best pair of sunlasses will provide a clear contrast between the outline of your face and the colour of the shades of the sun.

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