How to select Unisex retro sunglasses

If you are looking for the best unisex retro sunglasses, then you need to understand some common tips before you grab your hands on a pair. Let us have a look at some quick tips that can help you with shopping for the best sunglasses.

Retro square is one of the most common men’s face shaped sunglasses you can buy anywhere in today’s world. Since everybody loves pilots, men love this style of sunglasses, particularly in India.

You’ll find the best face form glasses in retro square style and other frame types as well. You may also contact our optical specialist certified customer service representatives, and they will assist you with your purchases.

Know your face cut

Choose a square or rectangular shape, if your face is round. Glasses in square complement a round face. Does your face last long? Look for frames that have a length to width ratio of 1:1, and don’t let the glasses stretch past your temples — it’s only going to make your face look wider. If your face is shaped like a triangle, you’ll want to look at rectangular glasses.

Don’t worry, as we have the details to help you when you’re looking for shapes that fit your face with man sunglasses. Bear in mind the following tips while you’re on the internet looking for the perfect pair of best face-shaped glasses.

  • Men with Oval face shape will wear round, cat-eye, and square frame styles as they are well known for complimenting the oval face features perfectly.
  • One must wear oval spectacle frame styles with Square face form as they accentuate the natural angular features of a square face.
  • If you have a round face shape, pairing it with cat-eye, rectangular and square frame types is best considered.

Select the color of the lens wisely.

  • Grey lenses minimize the strength of light without altering contrast or distorting color in fashion sunglasses. Brown lenses partly improve contrast by removing a certain amount of blue light and are ideal for snow sports.
  • Amber / yellow lenses improve the contrast greatly since they block much or all of the blue light. Even they are fantastic for snow sports.
  • Red/orange lenses are ideal for snow sports but on cloudy days only.
  • Copper-colored cheap sunglasses will silence the sky against a golf ball and grass behind it.
  • Blue and green sunglasses compliment a yellow tennis ball.

Opt for polarized lenses

Polarizing removes the light coming from the glass of snow, water, and vehicles. This helps shield the eyes better than regular UVA and UVB lenses from sun damage, which can help with squinting, which eye strain not only on sunny days but also on overcast days, as the sun is still strong on cloudy days and can cause damage. Beware, however, of cheap polarised sunglasses that can warp and cause eyestrain, headaches, or irritation to the eye.

So if you are planning to shop for the best fashion sunglasses, then you need to keep a check on these points and get to grab your hands on some of the best products.

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