How to select Best round shaped sunglasses

Round shaped sunglasses

cool sunglasses for men are more than just a style statement; they can be attracted, repelled, mirrored, or shielded. Perfectly tailored sunglasses deserve to be called a “shade” if the eyes are the window to the soul.

When looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses, it is essential to first identify the frame that complements the shape of the face. Only a handful of people can wear whatever they like, but others are entirely off-limits.

Oval face shaped sunglasses

The oval is considered the Holy Grail in the shape of the face. Fortunately, don’t be too alone when telling us that someone with a head longer than the width and a round chin can wear almost any frame (and any hairstyle).

The only hint of oval face shape (except avoiding Christmas trees and trendy styles covered with numbers for the current year) is to avoid frames with low arms and to hang down.

Key style: go anything

Square face sunglasses

As a general rule, the shape of the designer sunglasses cheap should be the opposite of the shape of the face. This allows you to smooth rough features, create definitions, and create balances.

For example, a strong chin and wide cheekbones are added to the square face. Therefore, in this case, a rounded frame, such as an aviator frame or vintage John Lennon sunglasses, looks better than a square design with sharp lines.

Main styles: round frame, flyer, club master

Round face sunglasses

Using the same rules of thumb as choosing the frame on the other side of the face, men with round faces should choose round shaped sunglasses.

To make your cheeks look thinner, choose a style that is slightly wider than your forehead, and has eyebrow lines. Diagonal glasses also help lengthen your temples and lengthen your face.

Key styles: Wayfarer, square frame, club master

Long / rectangular face shaped sunglasses

To give the rectangular surface a balanced feel, look for glasses that add width to the long shape.

Round or square frames work well here but choose a larger style, even a little larger.

Main styles: Wayfarer, D-frame, Clubmaster

Heart face shaped sunglasses

It is important not to add extra weight to the upper half of the face, as the narrow chin is offset by a large forehead.

Therefore, choose a club master with a half-rim, or any other rounded style that adds a curvilinear appeal to your sharp chin.

Key style: club master, round frame

Choosing the right sunglasses

Once you’ve successfully passed through the face-shaped minefields, it’s time to explore other differences that can help you find the perfect pair of sunglasses.


Second, following the overall style of the frame, the shade of the shade you choose (if not too confusing) has the greatest impact on its wear ability.

Consider using different shades of color to spice up your lenses, not just the frame. Rose tint lenses are a classic that adds softness to a minimalist sporty and luxurious outfit, while champagne lenses can bring a sophisticated feel to tailored clothing.

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