How to pick the right designer sunglasses?

Pick the right designer sunglasses

Choosing a pair of designer sunglasses isn’t limited to formal criteria – it’s also a matter of personality.
Acting as a primary visual aid instrument, it also acts as a fashion accessory. But how to pick the right
designer sunglasses? The shape of the face plays a crucial role in choosing the right frame, but there are
other factors to consider before buying cheap men sunglasses. An experienced optical consultant will
quickly recognize the correct frame type.

Know the types of sunglasses available

After defining your faces shape, it’s time to get to know the models of glasses, which suit you best. We
selected the six most popular types:

Aviator (uni-sex) – Created in the 1930s by the American Air Force, it has a thin and delicate frame.
The highlight is the lenses, which can be mirrored, colored, or matte. It goes well with formal,
casual, and sportswear. Aviator Sunglasses has been one of the coolest sunglasses for men, and it suits almost
any face types, styles, and occasions.

Wayfarer (uni-sex) – This classic was launched in the 1950s by Ray-Ban. This model fits any style, and
the frame resembles the shape of a square, but it is not exactly like that. The upper part is straight,
but the sides are more inclined and become almost rounded at the bottom.

Kitten (women) – If you are wearing more basic clothes and want to give a lift to the look, you can
bet on the kitten glasses model: more retro style. With an elegant shape, this frame has tips at the
top and is rounded at the bottom to support the lens.

Clubmaster (uni-sex) – The clubmaster model is one that has frames only on the top of the glasses.
At the bottom, the lens is held using a thick and well-attached silicone wire. They match any bikini,
shorts or swim trunks and can be worn any time you order sunglasses.

Round (women) – The lens of the round shaped sunglasses for ladies is more significant than that of the other models,
approaching the size of the aviator type. The circular frame is thicker, and the models can be colored
in shades of blue, pink, or brown.

Square (men) – The square model is very similar to the Wayfarer, but it resembles a lying letter D.
Big and flashy, it will give an extra charm to your clothes combination, whether for the day to day or
on the beach.

Those who like trendy glasses

Mens designer sunglasses allows you to express your style. This group of consumers often has more
than one pair of glasses. For these types of people, nothing is too fancy or too modern. Creative and
outgoing people consider their glasses an ornament and a complement to their look. There are people
more passionate about brands. These types of people value brands and models. Brands mainly influence
the approach of these people when choosing glasses. Of course, the glasses must also be in tune with
the rest of your style. Don’t forget to buy the sunglasses from a reputed online store.

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