How to Pick the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Type?

Sunglasses are more than just a great summer accessory, and they also protect our eyes from solar
radiation. Usually, we choose fashion sunglasses that we find most beautiful or that suits us. But know
that there are perfect glasses for each type of face. We help you identify the shape of your face and
select some sunglasses models so that the style suits your personality.

First, find out your face type.

The first step in finding out which sunglasses suits you best is to know the shape of your face. To
discover the shape of your face, do the following. Stand in front of a mirror. Try not to move and trace
the outline of your face on the mirror surface with a lipstick: starting at your chin and ending at the
hairline. Take a step back and check your face shape.

Which one is yours?

Whether for the beach or to protect ourselves from UV rays daily, it is essential to have sunglasses. With
several models available, it isn’t easy to choose which one looks best according to our face.

  • Round face – Your goal is to lengthen your face visually. So choose glasses with angles. They narrow
    your face—select sunglasses with a much more full-frame than the height to adjust facial
  • Oval face – In this case, the main objective is not to disturb your face's harmonious proportions.
    Therefore, you should avoid glasses with too many angles. However, the sunglasses must be as full
    as the facial proportion. Make sure that the top of the lens reaches your eyebrows.
  • Square face – Very angled strokes can overwhelm the contours of your face. On the other hand,
    rounded glasses will help to balance and soften facial proportions.
  • Oblong or Rectangular face – This face resembles a vertical rectangle, and its length is almost twice
    the width. The goal is for your face to look visually more full. Look for large and striking-looking
    glasses. Also, make sure they have clear lenses and slim frames that match your skin tone.
  • Triangular or Heart-shaped face – Your goal is to balance the upper part of the front, making the
    lower part look more prominent. Look for cheap women’s sunglasses that do not increase the
    volume of the upper face. Choose glasses where the width is equal to the width of your face.

Which glasses are best for your face?

Finally, the brand of glasses and its style is up to you. You must be very careful when selecting the model
that best suits your face. For those with a round face, the aviator model is the most suitable. For a
square format, choose the kitten model. If your face is triangular, then opt for the round frames. Oval
faces match any model of sunglasses, but if yours is of the rectangular type, choose smaller and round frames. If it is a diamond, you can also select the round model or even kitten.

When buying sunglasses online, see if the store has a positive online reputation.

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