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Usually, we tend to choose designer sunglasses based on the frame model, not evaluating the quality of the lenses and excelling the aesthetic choice rather than the ability to protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays (UV). For this reason, we list some tips to evaluate our purchase well, primarily online.


There are several types of filters.

Polarizing Filter – The designer mens sunglasses allow you to shield the glare and mirror images created when sunlight reflects off reflective surfaces, such as a body of water, snow, or a metal surface.

UV filter: It is one of the main functions of sunglasses. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause severe damage to the retina or other eye problems. It is recommended to sunglasses that offer 100% protection.

Color Filter – Filter some particular frequencies and are entirely used for sports, among the most used colors Blue, green, and gray.

Mirror: Use in extreme light conditions (in the mountains on snow) and provides a lens cover with a thin, partially reflective layer.


Sunglasses frames are quite different compared to prescription glasses. The temples are generally more robust, tend to cover the eye more, and build with greater celluloid. Check that the frame is still resistant.


They are an essential part of the sunglasses. There are wraparound lenses that can protect the eye more from UV rays. If you have vision problems, you can opt for glasses that allow you to correct visual defects, thus fulfilling the function of sunglasses and eyeglasses. It is also possible to choose anti-scratch or anti-reflective lenses.

Advantages of designer sunglasses: why is it better to wear them?

designer sunglasses for women must reduce glare by protecting the eye from harmful radiation (UV ultraviolet). It must not be so filtering as to alter the perception of colors.

However, it has been found that the level of UV radiation that the eye can absorb before being damaged is very similar for all people.

If, on the one hand, the level of absorption of a pair of glasses, that is, how much light it lets through, it depends a lot on personal taste, that’s not how it should be for filtering harmful radiation.

When choosing sunglasses, not only aesthetic issues but also those that distinguish them as a means of protecting the visual system must be considered.

  • To practice sports
  • To drive

Then take into consideration some elements, which must be present on the glasses or accompanied with it:

  • The presence of the CE marking on the frame
  • The category number of the sun filter of the lens (0 to 4)
  • The type of filter (photochromic, polarizing, etc.)
  • The presence of instructions for the care, maintenance, and cleaning of the glasses themselves.

We must also consider that the color of the lenses can be different with different filtering conditions. The protection level is not the same and depends on the application field where the glasses are used.

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