Designer Women’s Polarized Sunglasses – Where to Buy Women’s Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses have been on the market for a long time, but before they became fashionable glasses, they were only used for sports. Their main advantage is that they eliminate reflections caused by the sun, which is why they began to be used as a sports accessory.

Eyewear brands have opted for polarized lenses and have expanded the range of sunglasses with new designs and different frames far removed from the typical sports glasses. But why are they a good option?  It is one of the best sunglasses for sun protection.

These are the five most important advantages of polarized glasses:

  1. Protect from UV rays

Yes, it is quite evident, but ultraviolet rays are increasingly powerful, and you must choose quality lenses that protect your eyes effectively. Don’t hesitate to invest in the right sunglasses to prevent damage to your vision.

Remember that quality sunglasses should inform you of the lens’ sunscreen category:

Category 0

  • Colorless or very soft colored lenses.

Category 1

  • Soft colored lenses for cloudy weather.

Category 2

  • Darkened lenses for cloudy and exact times.

Category 3

  • Dark lenses, for the sun. Most optical sunglasses fall into this category.

Category 4

Very dark lenses, they are used for outdoors with a lot of suns, high mountains or deserts, for example. They are uv protective glasses.

  1. Eliminate reflections

As it is mentioned at the beginning, this is the main characteristic of polarized glasses. When the sunlight bounces off a horizontal surface like asphalt, snow, or water, it becomes a reflection. Reflection is a much brighter and more annoying light that prevents the clear viewing of objects.

Blocking reflections makes polarized glasses perfect for:

  1. Driver

Providing a clearer vision increases safety at the wheel and offers you more significant reaction time to unforeseen events. Having a good idea helps you be more focused and thus anticipate changes while driving. Also, polarized sunglasses allow prescription, so if you use glasses to correct vision problems, do not doubt that these types of lenses can be of great help.

    2. Practice sports

Polarized glasses entered the optical market to improve vision during outdoor sports. The horizontal reflections on asphalt, water, snow, sand, and sand are annoying and hinder training development. Such is the advantage of polarized lenses that sports competitions are prohibited from using them not to outdo some participants over others.

  1. Reduce eye fatigue

The immediate consequence of the elimination of reflections is a much sharper vision. The colors look more natural, and with higher contrast, this translates into a very significant reduction in eye fatigue. 

  1. Polarized glasses are suitable for people who are sensitive to light

The effectiveness of polarized lenses is that they can also be used by people with sensitivity to light or even people who have photophobia. Photophobia is an abnormal intolerance to light. Photosensitive people should protect themselves from sources such as sunlight, fluorescent light, and incandescent light because it causes eye or headache discomfort and pain.

  1. They are useful in dimly lit environments

Although it seems counterproductive, another of the virtues of polarized glasses is that they offer a clear and comfortable vision in shady or low light situations. This is because the lens does not darken and enables a clear image in low light environments.

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