Designer Sunglasses: Making a Fashion Statement in the Blink of An Eye

We knew, of course, that fashion is unpredictable. But this, frankly, was not expected! Today we are talking about trends in sunglasses and showing the most interesting new items. Maybe not everyone will fit into your style, but there are some things you will definitely want to try on! And here they are!

Trend 1. Stylish geometry

How about glasses with multi-angle lenses? At world fashion weeks, models with an unusual shape were demonstrated, and this plays into the hands of bright individualists: the scope for choosing sunglasses today is greater than ever. You can replenish the collection with pentagonal or octagonal glasses, at the same time remember school geometry lessons 🙂

Trend 2. Flat lenses

Someday it had to happen! Bends and bulges have been replaced by an absolute plane – it is the flat glasses that designers suggest to try on this spring and summer. You can get the uv protective glasses in the flat lens.

 There are no strict restrictions: you can experiment with the color and shape of the lenses and the frame’s thickness. The main thing is the absolutely flat surface of the glasses, as even as the horizon line.

Trend 3. Double rim

Do you like beautiful frames? Take two! We are serious: this season, sunglasses with additional frames flashed on the catwalks here and there – they occupied a large niche, among other fashionable models. Designers experimented with materials, so different novelties have turned out: glasses with a basic plastic frame and an additional metal frame, or vice versa.

Trend 4. Oversized glasses

There is never too much beauty – it seems that this is what the creators of oversized sunglasses thought.

 If you already have similar glasses and they seemed to you too large and not in size, and therefore they were gathering dust in some of the drawers of the chest of drawers, feel free to get them out! Well, or go shopping – big glasses promise to be in trend for several seasons in a row, and hardly any other model can replace their uniqueness.

Oversized Fashion Sunglasses 

Trend 5. Futurism

If nothing seems to surprise you, take a look at the futuristic glasses from the spring-summer collections. Do you think these are accessories for heroes of science fiction films? No, this is for you. Be sure to look for a couple of options for intergalactic flights or, what is there, everyday wear on planet Earth. You can also choose black sunglasses.

Trend 6. Advanced aviators

How old are your favorite aviator glasses? You don’t have to answer: this model of sunglasses has been trending for so long that we ourselves have already lost count of the years.

 In the new season, the designers decided that it was time to put an end to the usual aviators’ dictatorship and presented the world with a new, improved model with a wide bridge on the bridge of the nose.

Now, these goggles are more like a mask, but everyone’s familiar features of aviators are also recognizable.

Trend 7. Winged glasses

This was expected. The eye-catching butterfly-wing sunglasses are back on track, so you can keep wearing your favorite moths from last season. Design experiments with lens color and frame finishes look especially impressive – if you put on all gray and dilute the image with such glasses, you will definitely not look boring.

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