Create Your Own Trend with Designer Sunglasses

Although the main thing when choosing glasses to add to your collection is the quality of their lenses. As trends vary each season, we can clearly point out what is going to sweep away. To decide which will be our new acquisition, aware of which ones will be taken, or to dust off that old model back in fashion.

This article has shown a must-have collection in terms of glasses for 2020, full of color in both frames and crystals and aviator style. You can choose from varieties of designer sunglasses for women and create your own fashion. Here is the collection of trends in designer sunglasses:

Sunglasses with colored lenses

The crystals tinted in bright colors already made their appearance last year, but this is when they take on a total role, leaving us very daring full-color models. The 2000s pop aesthetic is back to stay. Among the models that arrive, there are two options, thin and metallic frames that leave all the prominence to the glass and seventies pasta glasses with lenses that can have yellow on orange contrasting black or tortoiseshell frames.

Tiny sunglasses

Turned into success in festival settings, small glasses star in the most powerful looks and add a risky point to arranged looks. In cat-eye, rectangular or oval cut, what counts is that they do not completely cover the eye.

Square and oversized

One trend that you probably won’t be able to ignore this summer is oversized square frame glasses. Oversized square sunglasses come in many colors, but the must-haves this season are the Pantone Palette’s strong, vibrant colors, revealing the desire for energizing contrasts and personalized self-expression. Also, deep black and turtle pattern trends are going to be very popular this season.

The New Cat-Eye: Butterfly Sunglasses

When you consider the latest trends in designer sunglasses for women, you will be surprised by the large butterfly-shaped frames. In terms of color, one should aim for the aesthetic tones of the 70s, being careful not to stray from animal patterns. Anti-aging protection is one of the important advantages of large butterfly glasses apart from their outstanding fashion design. Thanks to the large crystals, they fully protect the sensitive skin around the eyes.

 Back to vogue: shield sunglasses

The single vision lens is back! The accessory made famous by celebrities like J.Lo has returned to the fashion of glasses. This year’s sunglasses are more futuristic than ever, and everything seems to point towards maxi-lenses in the coming seasons. Also, the minimal frames in the Matrix-style are very fashionable. It is said on the street that you have to have fun and play with fashion.

 Just one word: geometric!

Geometric shapes, such as triangles, squares, and especially hexagons, will rule the designer mens sunglasses trends for summer 2020. Geometric sunglasses featured on the runways were either minimalist or generously crafted. This trend is sassy and not to everyone’s taste, but the rounded edges could be a nice balance! 

From classic to new: The 70s in 2020

Retro styles are all the rage this summer. Many iconic and colorful shapes are back, but with a modern twist. These mainly include round and cat-eye sunglasses, but also square shapes. This summer, we will see fewer mirrored lenses and more colored shades and neutral colors dating back to the 1970s. Tortoise patterns for frames or designer mens sunglasses with blue lenses will be essential this summer.

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