Cool Sunglasses – Children Want To Wear Them Too

It is equally essential to protect your eyes and skin from the harmful effects of UV rays radiated by the Sun. Sunglasses play a significant role in reducing migraines, cancer, and cataracts. As you move out of the door with sun cream and hats, you need to wear sunglasses. To every child, sunglasses are like a duck to water. They often love wearing them out of fashion or fun. It is essential to protect the children’s vision as their eyes are not fully developed, and they love spending time outdoors. Children are more susceptible to the UVA and UVB rays, which can penetrate deep into the eyes and cause cataract, degeneration, and many more. Even the doctors recommend an infant to wear sunglasses because they have a more transparent lens that allows penetration of more harmful rays to the retina.



  • Polycarbonate- is the ideal material for lenses your child’s sunglasses as it is itself UV rays protective, light-weight, and less bulky but less scratch-resistant.
  • Glass- if you want a better optical clarity, glass is preferable as they provide superior clarity and scratch-resistance. Howe glass is less flexible and expensive.
  • Acrylic- it is a cheap alternative to polycarbonate. So it can be best suited for casual use. It is less durable but provides the best image clarity at the most affordable rate.


To give a clear and comfortable vision, the frames must fit well. The factors that need to be considered majorly before buying sunglasses are the frame’s material and size.


The frames must be an exact fit for the face and should not touch the eyelashes or cheeks. However, a large frame always provides better protection by blocking more sun rays.


  • Nylon is ideal for frames as they are affordable, lightweight, and durable. But this material is not flexible enough unless it has some internal adjustable wire core.
  • Bright colors suit children the most choose acetate for the frame material because it gives various styles and colors.
  • Specific metals such as stainless steel and aluminum can be used as framework material, but they generally add up weight to the frame and are expensive.


The frame should be e durable and flexible, so they are less likely to be broken as children tend to be rough with sunglasses. Children love a durable and flexible sunglass that can withstand twisting or bending. Plastic or acetate frames stay in place for a longer time, and these materials also prevent any kinds of scratches or breakages. Prefer a spring-hinged frame that can extend 90° and beyond to prevent damages.


Buying sunglasses for your children is indeed a very confusing task since they love to wear sunglasses, and their choices often don’t match with yours. However, to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays emitted by the sun, make sure you give them the perfect stylish sunglasses of their choice. The glass must fit comfortably or be more protective of the glass using a strap to hold them.

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