Can cheap sunglasses protect from UV?

Do cheap sunglasses protect from UV? 

When buying new sunglasses, you have to make many decisions about size, shape, shade, color, and, of course, price. However, it exists to protect the eyes from UV light, so how cheap can it be? And what else do you need to look for when choosing a shade?

UV sunglasses are more than just fashion accessories. They play an important role in protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays. The Earth’s atmosphere absorbs UVC, but UVA and UVB rays can damage our skin and eyes. Eye damage includes corneal sunburn (sometimes called snow blindness), skin aging, macular degeneration, cataracts, and skin cancer. Therefore, proper eye protection is essential.

Fortunately, fashion sunglasses standards are very strict, claiming to block 99-100% of UV radiation. You can verify that your sunglasses meet these criteria by looking for the UK and European standard markings on the label. You will test a variety of sunglasses owned by the general public. Keep in mind that sunglasses purchased online or in countries without strict regulations may not meet such high standards, as the only pair that did not block UV rays was purchased over the internet.

How it works:

This has nothing to do with UV protection in practice, but it does help deal with different levels of gloss. There are four filter levels from 1 to 4. Category 4 lenses are the darkest and are useful on very bright days, but they are not suitable for driving. Lenses come in a variety of colors and are useful in a variety of conditions. Yellow lenses are useful in cloudy and snowy conditions, brown lenses are considered suitable for outdoor activities, and gray lenses maintain accurate color recognition.

Another important thing to consider, of course, is the style of sunglasses. Researchers have found that this plays a bigger role in protecting your eyes than you think. This is partly due to the fact that the UV rays that hit our eyes come from different directions. Clouds, haze, and the ground reflect all UV light, with different surfaces reflecting more or less than other surfaces. Concrete reflects about 10%; water reflects about 13%, snow reflects up to 80%, and even 90%. That’s why researchers modeled light from different angles and tested different styles of sunglasses, with a wraparound lens placed near the face blocking most of the UV light for maximum protection.

How to test sunglasses for UV protection

UV-protected sunglasses block the harmful rays of the sun because the lens material or coating applied to the lens absorbs UV radiation.

An ophthalmologist can use a device called a photometer to test sunglasses in seconds and tell them exactly how effective the shade is in protecting the eyes.

If you have a UV flashlight available, you can also do a quick test at home.


cheap sunglasses maybe not very protective of your eyes, but yes, you can buy them if you have a low budget. They can also prove beneficial to you.

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