Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape 2020

Does hot sunny weather trouble your eyes? Well, with the easy availability of a wide range of sunglasses, stepping out on a warmer day isn’t an eyesore anymore. But what if your favorite pair of sunnies turn out to be the worst fashion disaster? Nay! That’s not something you would have ever imagined in your wildest dream. Nevertheless, such a thing would only come into play if either you are unsure of your face shape or are choosing the glasses that are not fit for your face features.

So, here’s a quick guide for you to get yourself the most appealing look that perfectly suits your face. Try these out and be the trend-setters for everyone around.

1. Ray-Ban Square 1971 Classic 

These fashionable sunglasses feature a major throwback to the 70’s classic look from the vault. With oversized square metal frames and iconic lenses of a variety of crystal gradients, these glasses are pro in turning heads around you. Meanwhile, your comfortable fitting is not compromised either.

Best suited for- Heart-shaped faces that have wider foreheads and tapering bottoms.

Reason for recommendation: Lighter and oversized frames with defined bottoms like the Ray-Ban 1971 Classic would accentuate the glamorous cheekbones and strong jawline. 

2. Gucci Eyewear Square Tinted Sunglasses 

These turn out to be the perfect shades for your summer collection from the label ‘Gucci’ that requires no mention. The square frames with dark tinted lenses and gold-toned hardware is a sure thing to make people envious. Besides, protective nose pads and curved bridges take the utmost care of your comfort.

Best suited for- Round and plump faces.

Reason for recommendation: These large square frames work well in camouflaging the roundness and helps hide your crow’s feet too.

3. Minkpink Saturday Sunglasses

The Minkpink Saturday collection sunnies truly justifies fashion and ease to the fullest. These offer round-shaped plastic frames with non-polarized lenses that are playful, convenient, and easy-going. With a vintage-inspired style, these glasses are high on confidence and integrity.

Best suited for- Square shaped faces, having bolder features like wide jaw or cheekbones.

Reason for recommendation: Round or oval frames help balance out the overall defined facial structure and softens the tough jawlines.

4.Quay Australia x J Lo Limelight

The rounded cat-eye frames and stunning lenses from Quay Australia’s Limelight collection are as stylish as ever. Just wear these, and let the world speak up for you.

Best suited for- Oval or elongated faces.

Reason for recommendation: Although oval faces can confidently pull off sunglasses of any shape, the cat-eye ones turn out to be the ultimate stunners as they perfectly blend the facial elongation. Besides, rectangular also look great on such faces.

5. Ray-Ban Blaze Wayfarer Sunglasses

 Ray-Ban Blaze Wayfarer comes with its latest lens-over-frame model that offers a futuristic display. These catchy pairs feature an illuminating elegance with a bold accent and a transparent frame. 

Best suited for- Oblong or rectangular faces having a long and narrow shape bearing small angles. 

Reason for recommendation: This type of face is well-suited for larger wayfarers or somewhat rectangular designs that can add width to the face surface. A smaller frame is a big no-no for oblong faces.

6. Chloe Eyewear Rosie Sunglasses

The rimless Chloe Eyewear Rosie sunglasses in metal are the perfect pairs for your eye look. Its soft feminine touch and stunning lenses make it a must-have for your handbags.

Best suited for- Diamond-shaped faces.

Reason for recommendation: A diamond face highlights higher cheekbones, and thus the rimless ones complement the structure quite well.

So, dump your worries about face shapes, and begin to rule the style game wearing your smiles. After all, a lovely smile better complements your trendy sunglasses. 

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