Alltime Best Sunglasses For Men To Buy

Best Sunglasses for Men

Sunglasses are a universal favorite. They not only give you a stylish look but also help you to protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight. Although it may seem to you that buying the best sunglasses is an easy task but when you actually visit the store and find out the innumerable varieties of sunglasses available it becomes difficult to make a quick decision. There are several factors such as the facial shape, skin tone, and the frame silhouette which comes into play while choosing a pair of sunglass.

Sunglasses for a round-shaped face

Round shaped faces have soft edges whereas the cheeks are the widest portion in the entire face. The width and length of a round face are also quite similar. This the best option is to opt for slim and angular sunglasses which can work very well to make your face look a bit narrower and longer. You should definitely avoid using any circular shaped lenses as it will further saturate the roundness of your face.

Sunglasses for an oval shape

All the oval faces are structurally similar to round-shaped faces it is slightly wider and has a higher cheekbone. It is also slightly broader as compared to the chin. The best way to find the perfect fashion sunglasses is to opt for something which is slightly wider than your forehead. In fact, oval faces are also complimented very well with thick frames. You just need to make sure that it does not overpower the overall features of your face.

Sunglasses for a square face

Square faces have a wide cheekbone and jawline. However, the height and the width of the profile is almost similar to a round face. Opting for a round frame can help you to soften your features, whereas an edgy frame can further reinforce the sharp features. But you must always remember that thinner frames are much more suited to a square face as compared to think once think they can make your eyes look tiny when compared to the rest of your face.

Sunglasses for a heart-shaped face

The most characteristic feature of a heart-shaped face is the narrow cheekbones along with a pointed chin. The jawline is also quite elongated and the forehead is a bit wider. If you want to accentuate your facial features, the best option is to go for a browline sunglass which is wider at the top as compared to the bottom. these designer men sunglasses can bring a lot of focus to the center of your face. Similarly, you also need to avoid opting for frames which are too thin.

Sunglasses can not only accentuate your facial features but can also diminish them. This makes it incredibly important to choose the size and shape of the frame as well as the lens wisely. While making a selection always try out different types of frames buying buying buying one. Although the primary role of a sunglass is to protect your eyes, you should not compromise with your looks either.

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