5 features to look in sunglasses before buying

5 main features to look in sunglasses before buying

Sunglasses play a vital role not only protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays or bright sun rays but also it helps to prevent the dust from getting inside our eyes. Before heading outside the door for trips or any adventure or grocery store, etc, it is suggested to grab the sunglasses which also will make them effortlessly cool and stylish.

Picking out a good sunglass or goggle is pretty hard as it must be up to the criteria mentioned below

  • It must be comfortable and foldable.
  • The quality of the polarized shade must be high that is an anti-reflective lens.
  • The sunglass should fit perfectly on the face.
  •  It must be ensured that it provides proper protection to the eyes and the quality of the sunglass is good and safe for your eyes.

For classic travelers, aviator-style sunglasses are one of the best and stylish sunglasses to wear during travel as they are comfortable and have light-weighted frames. These types of sunglasses are unisex and have hypoallergenic nose pads and polarized lens.

Men designer travel sunglasses must give a perfect and stylish look during vacations, trips or any other adventure, men must be using best-polarized sunglasses which are super light and scratch resistance and they sunglasses must have a warranty and must protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The quality of the sunglass matters as if someone is buying a sunglass, it must be durable comfortable and long-lasting. It must also have an impact resistance lens and must be flexible.

Traveling sunglasses must be elegant and simple yet provide a stylish look when someone is wearing it. Before grabbing sunglasses or goggles one must look through the proper shades which will be suitable for your face. Women like oval-shaped sunglasses with a classic and stylish frame with a feminine touch. 

So before buying a sunglass, one must go through the advantages of that particular sunglass-

Quality– Quality always wins over quantity, so if you are paying for a good quality of sunglass you must think of its longevity and durability. It’s better to use high-quality sunglasses rather than 2 to 3 cheap quality sunglasses which may be harmful to your eyes.

UV protection- Your sunglass must provide UV protection to your eyes from harmful sun rays. Overexposure to Sun may cause an issue of cataracts or damage your lens inside your eyes, thus it is very important to use a 99% of 100% UV protected sunglasses.

Coverage- The sunglass should not only cover your eyes but also the area around it, as the skin around the eye area is delicate. Therefore, the more the area covered by the sunglass, the more protection it will provide to the skin around the area of your eyes.

Style statement- While traveling, even if the sunglass is simple, it must provide a stylish, elegant and attractive look. Wearing stylish sunglasses will give you more confidence.

Polarized lens– When light is reflected from a flat surface, it gets polarized and travels in a uniform direction which reduces your visibility and creates glare. To reduce this effect, one must use polarized lenses with a special filter and avoid eye health issues like irritation, headache, redness, and fatigue. Thus, these are the features you must be going through before buying the sunglasses as per your choice.

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