5 Best Oversized and Cat Eye Style Sunglasses for Women

If you are looking for a pair of funky sunglasses that can give you a great look without
forcing you out of your comfort zone then it is time for you to try the oversized and cat-
eye sunglasses. If there is any shape that can suit perfectly it all seasons it is the cat-
eye frame. These are remarkably iconic and can create an instantly dramatic look. It
has a clearly recognizable silhouette which can be clearly identified by the characteristic
upsweep of the edges.
There are a wide variety of options when it comes to oversized and cat-eye sunglasses
for women.
cat eye sunglasses look extremely good on slightly heavy face shapes such as the
round square and triangular because the overall shape of the frame balances the
features of the face. But these come in a huge variety of styles making it difficult to
choose one. Here are the top five cat-eye sunglasses for women.

● Black Cat Eye

The black cat-eye sunglasses are trending all around. These keep coming back in style
every year and are one of the safest investments that you can make. One of the best
among cat eyeglasses these are just like a black dress which is timeless and perfect no
matter what the occasion.

● The White Cat Eye

A cat eye oversized sunglass is the perfect example of a class. Not only does it give you
and intensely classic look but also brings a certain element of chic to your personality.
The bright white cat-eye sunglasses are perfect for that bold and classy look. White cat-
eye sunglasses look very subtle and trendy at the same time.

● The Tortoise Shell Cat Eye

Tortoiseshell cat eyeglasses are not something that comes and goes away. It is here to
stay. You can find them in trend seasons after seasons.

● The Oversized Cat Eye

Oversized sunglasses can give everyone a run for their money. Not only are these
glamourous but also extremely classy. These large cat-eye sunglasses can definitely
make you feel like a celebrity.

● The Vintage-Inspired Cat Eye

No matter what you are looking for, if it is vintage-inspired it is worth it. When it comes
to cat-eye sunglasses, the vintage-inspired look is definitely something you should not
miss. The modern cat-eye sunglasses with a revamped vintage frame is definitely
swoon-worthy. These can give you a classy look which is perfect not only for parties but
also for an office look.

Oversized frames and sunglasses go extremely well with an urban outfit. Pair up your
vintage-inspired cat eye with skinny jeans and some loose shirt, and you are good to go
for a coffee date. These vintage cat-eye frames are also perfect for the beachy look

where you can pair these up with your bright summer dress. These are one of the best
sunglasses for sun protection while also giving you a personality like no other design
can give. Oversized and cat-eye sunglasses are definitely here to stay.

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