3 Reasons You Should Never Buy Fake Sunglasses

How many times in the summer have you happened to see counterfeit sunglasses online or on the street in the stalls? The models are cool, the prices very advantageous, and often, especially young people,  having a low budget are attracted to these street offers, eventually buying counterfeit and non-original sunglasses. The positive aspect is the economic one, but have you ever thought about the ocular risks you could incur?

Summer is coming, and the sun is coming. And with them, there are countless street vendors with the latest sunglasses from the top brands. It is the perfect time to buy one, two, or three counterfeit glasses. They are cheap and easy to get, but BEWARE! Everything has a price. Counterfeit glasses may hit the mark on the outside, but we see their dark side when we look inside.

Many people consider their sunglasses another complement to their outfit. However, they fulfill a fundamental function: to protect our eyes from UV radiation. For this reason, we wanted to address this important issue.

It is unnecessary to spend a lot of money to protect our eyes from the sun’s rays, but we have to go to the right place to buy quality products and advise us properly. We must mentalize ourselves of the damage that these fake glasses can cause. For that reason, we have made you a compendium of our 5 reasons for you to banish those poor quality glasses from your bag, today and always.


Fake glasses do not pass any sanitary control. Thus said, it may seem unimportant. However, quality certifications give us guarantees that this product is suitable for use. That means that the glasses we buy in the markets do not guarantee that they will protect our eyes. You can buy the affordable glasses online.

Furthermore, the people who sell these products, whether in stores or street stalls, are not specialists in our eyes. An optometrist has the appropriate knowledge to advise you on the frames, lenses, filters, and treatments appropriate to your needs. With your look, could you not play it? Always prefer the original uv protective glasses.


In part, the price is lower because the materials used in its manufacture do not have the same quality. Neither the lenses nor the metals nor the resins are the same. This can cause us to come across glasses made from materials that are harmful to our health. Who has not seen glasses with plastic lenses? Do you think they are suitable for your look?


The UV filter in sunglasses is one of the most important elements in good sunglasses. They ensure that ultraviolet radiation does not reach our eyes. We have heard ad nauseam how harmful the sun’s rays can be on our skin. The truth is that these radiations also affect four fundamental parts of our gaze. To the conjunctiva: these rays can irritate it, reddening it, and even produce molecular changes. Since they can produce changes in its structure that modify transparency, if you also have myopia surgery, you have lost part of the natural filter that the eye has so that the situation can be aggravated.

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